We are Tradition and Craftsmanship

40 years serving our costumers

Hidrocal is the result of the project initiated 40 years ago under the experience and professionalism of Don Carmelo Cárdenas López, a plasterer by profession and lover of the world of lime and its multiple uses. The knowledge of a lifetime of research, commercialization, distribution, and application of lime mortars is inherited, years later, by Manuel Díaz Martín, who would become his best pupil.

Thanks to the combination of the quality of traditional methods with technical development, in our factory of more than 1,000 m2, we have been able to adapt and optimize the preparation and application process of lime mortar, from slaking of lime in drums or jars, to the requirements of the industrial process of the last two centuries, obtaining a traditional product of maximum quality, ecological and easy to apply by any professional.

From Madrid, Spain, we produce and commercialize our lime mortars throughout our branch in USA, with commercial routes to Europe, Asia, and America.

Awards for innovation and development of new materials

After years of research for new formulas and materials, in collaboration with public institutions such as the Construction Sciences Institute, belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Hidrocal becomes the first Spanish-American company with its own formula for mass hydrophobic natural mortars.

This formula has earned recognition from the College of Technical Architects and the School of Building Foundation award for the “System of coatings with hydrophobic mortars in mass applicable to surfaces with high humidity and salts.”

We export craftsmanship and knowledge

Hidrocal markets its lime mortars from Spain and USA. Our products have been tested and certified in Europe, America, and Asia, offering the best results against extreme weather conditions.

We manufacture our own mortars

As a result of these innovations, Hidrocal’s dry lime mortars packaged in sacks have been prepared to be mixed with water on the worksite, offering significant savings in work time, personnel, and costs, becoming the perfect solution for any renovation, rehabilitation, or new construction project.

Our goal is nothing other than the constant search for new improvements in materials, as well as perfection in customer service. We assume the demands of the construction sector thanks to continuous collaborations and R&D contracts with the main materials laboratories and different universities.

We are where we are needed

Hidrocal has professionals committed to working with its customers’ way of working.

We adapt to their needs in each service thanks to a great capacity to respond by providing an advisory team anywhere and in a short time.

We carry out any project for you

Rehabilitation of historic, protected, and unique facades, facades of commercial premises, and hotels.

We offer new construction services in single-family homes, interior design work, and technical advice.

Responsibility for the environment

Our ecological mortars have been designed without chemical additives that could harm the environment, both in rural and urban areas.

We pay maximum attention to not altering our environment in any way.

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